CY : establishment

The unique style of Chuki Yuki stems from Simona’s creativity and from her love for the little Yoda, a tender American Hairless Terrier. The creation of the new 2018 collection was the culmination of a dream nurtured for a long time and, finally, become a reality.

CY: The style

No distinction: There is no reason why your pup can’t be as fashionable than you are. With the same quality, the same attention to details and an unmatched search on high quality and trusted materials to ensure fit, elegance and freedom of movement.

CY : handcrafted

In our Traditional Design Studio in Carpi (MO) we have been producing clothing for over thirty years. In the new Chuki Yuki collection, we have poured all the knowledge and experience acquired through years of work, for a line of products that was completely handmade in Italy.

Abbigliamento di lusso per cani made in italy

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