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Chuki Yuki Hot Patch


Chuki Yuki Hot Patch® is a self-heating patch that will help your pets to keep themselves warm and confortable on a cold Winter day.

Place them inside the special pockets we designed for some of our garments to keep your pets warm and cozy.

You pop them into your pockets to keep your hands warm or attach them to your clothing such as an under shirt

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How to use

  1. Carefully tear open the sachet to activate the heat patch. It may take up to 30 minutes for the self-heating patch to achieve the temperature it is designed to reach.
  2. Remove it from its protective sachet and peel off the protective film
  3. Insert the patch in one of the special pockets of the Chuki Yuki garment, choosing the most suitable for you and leave it to act.

We recommend that you always read warnings, and directions on the back of the box before using the product.

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